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With the advancement of technology, learning German has been made more convenient, enjoyable, and easier.  One can learn German without the struggle of having to go through bulky bilingual dictionaries and boring textbooks. All you need is an internet connection and a smartphone, and you will be able to access high-ranking German podcasts and German-language blogs. You are also able to watch German YouTube movies, Tv shows, and videos on the go. This makes it possible to hone your German language skills anywhere, whether at the comfort of your home or while taking a walk to work. However, even with the multiple ways that your smartphone and access to the internet can help you learn German, the most convenient and easiest way is using German learning apps. The best feature of this option is that the internet has lots of apps that you can use to learn German. If you would love to get entertained in the middle of your German learning sessions, you can check out entertainment apps at zoo 2 animal park. Below are some of the apps that you can use to learn German.


LingoDeer is an iPad, iPhone, and Android app that makes it quick and convenient to learn various foreign languages. As far as the German language is concerned, Lingo Deer is one of the best apps. It has a curriculum that has been crafted professionally by teachers, thus helping one understand German with clarity and without much effort. The app will refine your speaking and listening skills by offering access to native speakers. It has a flashback feature that makes it possible to test themselves by target training and quizzes. It is available for free. However, if you subscribe to a lifetime membership, this will cost $89.99.


This is a great German learning app for kids. It has educational language learning games, which offer kids entertainment as they learn German. It is divided into topics that are themed to offer kids the foundation of learning a language, including pronunciation, reading, listening, and spelling. Each themed course comprises many lessons that entertain and educate children as they learn German. The curriculum of studycat blends a traditional language course with fun and engaging Kid’s German learning games. It particularly aids kids in learning core language and vocabulary learning skills. To maximize understanding and learning, studycat presents phrases and words in context.


This app is suited to help one learn the well-structured German language. It provides comprehensive materials that serve different levels of learning, from basic to intermediate. It has robust and varied review and learning features that are very helpful for developing production and active recall abilities. It is available for Android, iOS, and also in Web.


This is a unique language learning app that includes aspects of virtual reality and augmented reality in the learning experience. Mondly is an intriguing full-course German app. It has some shortcomings, such as having some unnecessary features and concentrating primarily on low-level language learning. Mondly has a free version. If you choose for the paid subscription, there’s a $9.899 monthly subscription and an annual subscription going for $47.99.


This is among the best German learning apps. It offers students a comprehensive German learning course and makes use of the famous Pimsleur auditory format. Dr. Paul Pimsleur developed the Pimsleur method of learning a language based on how children can learn their native languages. It helps German language learners learn fluent speech within a short duration through the various listening exercises it offers. A subscription to this app will cost $19.95 monthly.


This app provides German language students with a course that comprises hundreds of personalized and short lessons. Prior to getting started with the app, you’ll be asked some questions that help the app customize a student’s learning experience. These questions include. Your commitment to the course weekly, why you want to learn German, and your level of experience with the German language. Duolingo equates to 34hours of study to a semester of an in-person language course. The app is free though it has a paid version, Duolingo plus, which costs $9.99 monthly.


This German language learning app utilizes established scientific cognitive research to offer quicker learning. It has flashcard-based German verb and Vocabulary courses for its users. You can get primary access to the app’s flashcard content through its free version. You can also subscribe to the app at $4.99 monthly, which is charged annually. With a one-time $129.99 payment, one gets lifetime access to the app’s premium membership content.

In conclusion, the above are apps that will help you learn German.