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The music industry is growing with each passing day in every region of the world. Besides retail music stores, there are many trusted online shops across the United States that deal in music products. People worldwide prefer to buy music from online retailers as many fake and poor-quality products in the offline market.

There are many stores in the United States that have huge names when people talk about musical products. These stores provide various items related to the music, including mp3 albums, and CD’s etc. Many music lovers want to purchase from online shops but are always in doubt concerning many factors. They can read reliable online shopping reviews, available on its website and many other platforms to clear such ambiguities. We have listed a few famous online music stores in the US with some details.

Popular Digital Music Stores in the United States

Below are the five digital music shops that are well-known across the whole United States.

1. Amazon Music

Amazon Music is an online music selling service by the amazon company. It sells music in both digital (mp3, video, etc.) and physical forms (CD’s, etc.). It sells products not only in the whole United States but also delivers to many other regions outside the US. Their website displays various sections for several albums. On opening each section, you will know about the availability and other shopping options of that item. You can check their website for payment and other policies.

2. iTunes Store

iTunes Store is a music selling and downloading app created by Apple. This app usually comes in devices with iOS, but it can be used in the windows operating system. Consumers can download the app after installation and creating an account; you have to choose payment options. For buying an item, you just need to pay its price and can then download it. There are different prices for each song and a collective price tag for albums.

3. Beatport

Beatport is an online music shop that offers all types of music sales but specializes in electronic dance music (EDM). The store’s website has different categories according to the music choices, and a new tracks category is also available. Their pricing varies from single tracks to albums from $2-$10. They feature various genre categories to find out the required track easily.

4. HDtracks

As the name describes, HDtracks has many tracks available with different resolutions. They are more focused on dealing with albums of music rather than coping with single tracks. They have categories with the top 100 in every genre that contains the highest rated items.

5. 7digital

7digital is also a digital music retail company that provides high-resolution music tracks. The company has been providing services since 2004. Their categories are divided according to the genre and music stars around the world. You will indeed find the track that you are looking for from their collection.


These were some top music sellers that deal in digital music. If you are an audiophile, you must have one of the store’s subscriptions. Even if you are an ordinary music listener, you can look for one of these stores as they offer all types of music.